About the Author

Glenn Rifkin

Glenn Rifkin is an author, business journalist, human interest columnist and thought leader. He has been a contributing writer for The New York Times business section for nearly 30 years. He recently served as managing editor for Briefings On Talent & Leadership, a quarterly business journal published by the Korn Ferry Institute. He also recently served as a resident writer for the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School.

During a 40-year career, Rifkin has published countless articles for a wide variety of publications about a vast number of business-related topics. Beginning in 1989, Rifkin became a mainstay contributor to The New York Times business section, covering high technology in the Boston area and around the country for much of the 1990s. More recently he has focused on small business, entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership issues as well as advance obituaries for The Times. He was a founding contributing writer at Forbes ASAP, Strategy & Business and Briefings, writing across a breadth of subjects such as strategy, organizational behavior, innovation, economic issues, leadership, marketing and education.

He has also contributed to a long list of publications including the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Knowledge@Wharton, The Boston Globe, AARP magazine, MIT Technology Review, Sloan Management Review, Business 2.0, Fast Company, and Boston Magazine. He has also written for Rolling Stone, Fortune, Working Woman, Yankee, Billboard, Playboy, Runner’s World, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times.

Rifkin's books include the best-selling Radical Marketing: From Harvard to Harley, Lessons From Ten That Broke the Rules and Made It Big ( with Sam Hill, HarperBusiness, 1999) which was chosen as one of Fortune’s “Best Business Books” and has been published in paperback and in eight languages.

Other Books:

  • Satisfaction: How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer (Portfolio, 2006) written with J.D. Power & Associates on the art of customer satisfaction.

  • Wealth Watchers with Alice Wood (Free Press, 2009)

  • The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, (Doubleday, 2008)

  • Reward Systems: Does Yours Measure Up by Steven Kerr (HBS Publishing, 2008)

  • Startups That Work with Joel Kurtzman (Portfolio, 2005)

  • The CEO and the Monk: One Company’s Journey To Profit and Purpose, with Robert Catell and Kenny Moore (John Wiley & Sons, 2004)

  • MBA In a Box with Joel Kurtzman (Crown, 2004)

  • The CEO Chronicles: Lessons From the Top on Inspiration and Leadership (Knowledge Exchange, 1999)

  • and the best-selling The Ultimate Entrepreneur: The Story of Ken Olsen and Digital Equipment Corporation with George Harrar (Contemporary, 1988)

  • Rifkin resides in Acton, Massachusetts with his wife Jane and their dog Lucy.

    Genesis of the Book

    In Future Forward, leaders will find 10 essential lessons that can be easily applied to any business, from small startups to giant corporations. These include: “Let’s try it. Encourage entrepreneurial behavior and back it up with serious commitment.” “Decentralize. When building a global empire, every market is local.” “Love your employees. Adore your customers.”

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